Transforming Nutrition

Changing Education Paradigms

Plant-Based Nutrition

Learners eat lunch every day at the famous vegan and macrobiotic Casa de Luz. With the core belief that daily, organic, whole-food, plant-based lunches prepare minds and bodies to learn and help set-up lifelong healthy eating habits, our learners share community meals every day.

Passionate Community

Parents work closely with each other and with mentors to develop the environment of Integrity Academy. The result of our friendships and shared commitments is a highly collaborative environment that reflects our gifts, interests, and love of the world in which we want to raise our children.


Our most precious offering is the opportunity to discover the natural world with mentors who have long cultivated a deep knowledge of and reverence for it. We are located in Austin’s most naturally beautiful space, and a daily part of our learners’ classroom is the river, the trees, grassy fields and trails.  

Meaningful Movement

How we move in and relate to our bodies is central to our philosophy of the integrated person. In recreation time, we choose games and exercises that develop respect for our bodies and cultivate awareness and confidence. Freedom of movement in the classroom allows for kinesthetic learning connections and helps kids who need to move to think.

Social & Emotional Development

A strong social and emotional developmental curriculum is the context in which each learner develops a natural hunger for learning and the confidence to challenge themselves. Our mentors are uniquely and highly qualified to offer this training. Children who receive this kind of education engage themselves and each other in deeply meaningful ways, and are capable of expressing themselves authentically and fully.

Integrated Academics

Adaptive curriculum and individualized, self-directed, and hands-on activities are at the heart of academics here at Integrity. Each learner's natural curiosity is encouraged and guided by our highly trained mentors, resulting in each learner being met exactly where they are. We ground our curriculum in cutting-edge and research-based best practices.

“I've never met a more dedicated staff. They are focused on children as individuals with opinions and insights and work to create community between the parents, as well as student body.”

Erik K.Yelp

“Excellent school. The staff are all very involved with the children's well-being and you can tell they genuinely care. Whenever a child needs extra support or attention they work with parents to come to solutions. The community here is wonderful. Parents, children and staff all work together with a "Village" mentality. The food is delicious and healthy. Lastly, the campus is very pretty and surrounded by nature. Super happy I found this place!”

Zoe S.Yelp

“We started with the school when it first opened its doors, and have been impressed time and time again By the care, consideration, and love the teachers give to our little ones. It's clear that they are 100% invested in the success and growth of the students. Just can't see enough wonderful things about this school.”

Charles C.Yelp

“I am so grateful that my daughters attend Integrity Academy. We started them here 4 years ago when the school opened. We have be amazed at how much they have learned in this alternative school environment. We are 1000x happier at Integrity Academy vs public school. Their whole child, project based approach to learning is effective and inspiring.”

Keli S.Google Maps

“Our experience has been phenomenal. This school is a rare gem that teaches kids holistically (different types of learners are all embraced, challenged and taught according to their interests, ability, and learning style.) ”

Christina P.Google Maps

“This place is amazing! Our kiddos thrive here and we love this school!”

Kat P.Google Maps